Bev and Daphne are familiar faces in the Activity Centre and are known to all of you who venture down there. They have recently been very busy undertaking a course on chair-based exercises which they have now completed and passed. They had to go to Aylesbury to participate in this course, which involved learning all about exercises designed to stimulate and strengthen older people who might have had a stroke or be suffering from osteoporosis or muscle weakness and frailty. The exercises are designed to help with reaching for things, walking, particularly on uneven ground, and other everyday activities. They include stretches and the use of a band to strengthen the muscles in the arms and legs. This course is a Government initiative, which was introduced last year and Bev and Daphne were among the second group of students to undertake it. The Government wants to see it rolled out to more care and residential homes catering for frail and elderly people. The exercises are, however, not exclusively for the old and frail and anybody wanting to strengthen the muscles in their arms and legs can do them.

Bev’s And Daphne’s New Qualification