Resident Marjorie Deighton has just returned from a holiday in Cyprus with a spring in her step and a glint in her eye. Carer Elair accompanied her and looked after her while she was away and both of them seem to have had a whale of a time.

Deighton HolidayMarjorie is no stranger to Cyprus. One of her two daughters, Claire, is married to a Greek Cypriot and moved to Larnaca to live in 2000. Since then until two years ago, Marjorie regularly paid her visits usually three times a year and she would stay in Cyprus for four to six weeks at a time. Mother and daughter share a passion: they both love all forms of dance and ballet in particular and have both made it their livelihood.

In all of the time they were there, Marjorie had only one quiet day, when she was able to have a lie-in and get up her strength.  Apart from that it was one long round of socialising, interspersed with walks by the sea and visits to Claire’s dance studio. She slept really well and had plenty of fresh air, good food and good company and, when she returned to Bradbury House, she was looking on top of the world. And, with an eye towards the future, Marjorie would like to return  again in the  autumn
and is adamant that she wants to learn to speak more Greek, which she will doubtless put to very good effect whenever she is there with the children of the dance school and all of her friends.
And a big thank you goes to Elair for taking such good care of Marjorie and bringing her back safely to Bradbury House. They clearly enjoyed each other’s company and the whole adventure seems to have gone off very well indeed.

Marjorie and Elair go to Cyprus