race nightOn Friday 4th March the Activity Centre became a hive of activity in the evening, when it hosted Bradbury House’s first Race Night. This was a fund raising event in aid of the Supportive Care Fund and it was also great fun.
From about 6.30pm guests started to arrive and by the time the evening was ready to commence at around 7.00pm the room was buzzing with happy chatter from the assembled gathering of residents, staff, trustees, volunteers and other friends and supporters of Bradbury House.
If you weren’t there and are trying to imagine how a horse racing event could have taken place in the Activity Centre, here is what happened in a nutshell: a screerace night 1n had been assembled by Craig, the visiting host for the night, and during the course of the evening eight horse races from different race courses around the world were played out on the screen. For the purposes of the event, the horses had been given a variety of quite silly names accompanied by matching equally silly names for their trainers. Hence the horse named Chinese Pancake had a trainer referred to as Chris P
Duck whereas Sing A Song was apparently trained by Gary Okey and so it went on! Everyone was invited to place a bet on each race and the winners received prize money of 50% of the take, the other 50% contributing to the overall fundraising for the evening. Depending upon how many people had chosen the winner, the prize money varied between £3 and £5 per winning bet.
After four races there was a break in proceedings for a tasty fish and chip supper. Wine and other drinks flowed throughout the evening from the bar, which was presided over by Bill – except for when he was doing a turn around the room as the long lost Shergar’s jockey complete with inflatable horse, much to the amusement of the racegoers.
All in all it was a fun evening, which everyone present seemed to enjoy very much. And in total the event raised £373.40, so thank you all round to all those involved in the organisation as well as all of you who came and supported the event.

Race Night