On 17th  May sixteen members of the Bradbury House staff set off for in time for a lunch with a distinctly Japanese theme.Iron Bridge near Telford in Shropshire for a team-building day. In the group were managers Wendy and Sue as well as Veena, Paula, Marian, Sandra, Catherine, Sharon, Lorraine, Anita, Lauren, Dawn, Jackie, Courtney and two Emmas.  They travelled four to a car for the two and a half hour journey, arriving at the Telford Spa and Golf Resort hotel in time for a lunch with a distinctly Japanese theme.

After lunch they changed into swimsuits and dressing gowns and went to the hotel spa, where they could enjoy using the pool, sauna, steam room and a couple of hotbeds. As the weather was good, they gathered outside for tea and coffee before going off for their individual treatments at their allocated times. On offer were hour-long back, foot and head massages. The hotel had four or five treatment rooms which speeded the process up, as several of our team could be having their massages at the same time. Later they were all shown to their rooms  for  their overnight stay and once settled in they all congregated in Veena and Catherine’s  room for prosecco and nibbles or, in Jackie’s case, tea and nibbles. After a delicious supper, it was back to finish off the prosecco and have a good chat that lasted until nearly midnight. Next morning they enjoyed a tasty breakfast and some leisure time before setting off for home

Who knew team building could be such fun!

Team Building