IMG_8317WEB-web2The Abbeyfield Beaconsfield Societywho are responsible for Bradbury House has many demands on its limited resources and we constantly need help in raising funds to support those whose home it is and those from our community who use the excellent facilities provided. One way that you could do this is with a legacy.

This would help us to support the frail elderly of our community by achieving many of our objectives amongst which are:

  • To provide funds for additional items, which will improve our residents’ life style and the amenities for the elderly who use our facilities.
  • Upgrading and renewing our equipment to the higher standards now required by law.
  • Fund the provision of free day care places for those who cannot afford the provision and do not receive local authority funding.
  • Enable us to continue to provide a home for those whose funds become inadequate.

IMG_8217WEB-web2Leaving a legacy to Abbeyfield Beaconsfield Society is a most effective way to help with the running of this successful residential home. Furthermore, because a legacy is not subject to inheritance tax it is a very effective way of giving.

If you can help us in this way, and are interested in learning more click here to contact us.

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