Abbeyfield Philosophy

IMG_8528CR2-webBradbury House has a Christian ethos, and that means that it sets out to meet the needs of all in the community, of everyone with any faith or none. The home maintains a fundamental respect for the individuality of each resident and sets out to encourage all to make choices and to maintain community and family links.

Each resident is empowered and enabled to achieve their preferred life style in the Home and in the community and all are encouraged to retain, amongst other things, active memberships of church groups and local societies.

As part of the Abbeyfield community we recognise that elderly people have an important role to play amongst their families, friends and community and that many elderly people suffer from loneliness and insecurity. We want to help them, where they so wish, to live fulfilled lives and to recognise that though no longer independent they remain an important and essential part of both their families and the community in which they live.

IMG_9064-webOur use of volunteers from the local community is part of this. We encourage both young and old to take part and ensure that Bradbury House does not become an isolated community, set apart from all that is going on, but a vital part of the pattern of life in our town. We encourage continuing relationships outside the home and provide opportunities for participation in local affairs.

We are very aware that a Care Home can become institutionalised. That is why we practise personalised care, seeking to put each person at the centre of their lives and not having a “one size fits all” approach. Our care team have specific training to ensure that they not only realise the importance we place in this, but put it into practice.

We also seek to ensure that when a person decides to make Bradbury House their home, they can live here as long as they so desire. However we recognise that some circumstances such as illnesses, both physical and mental, may make this impractical. We are also very aware that financial resources can be a long term problem for some and as a charity we seek to resolve any challenges of this nature.

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